Thursday, June 9, 2011

Never Ask " What's Next "

I have been having some bad days . I had my purse stolen this last Friday . Immediately , I had to cancel everything . Bank account , credit cards , etc . 
Then to have to replace my drivers license was 24.50 and I had to take my marriage certificate and birth certificate to prove it was me . 
Had to open a new bank account so everything that was automatic on the old one had to be changed , such as house payment elec , etc .
In a store , just that quick , I had my back turned from my purse and they took it .
Then sometime yesterday , someone hijacked my email and blog . Had to start all over again . I have most of it set up , but am still working on it . I could use some love here :
I hope that the people that have done these mean things pay somehow for their wrong doings . 
My poor hubby now knows , why I do not like going places by myself anymore . I guess I am lucky , it wasn't in a parking lot , being attacked for it .


  1. So sorry for your troubles. Sounds like your bad week needs to get better!! I hope they find out who took your purse. I use one of those key chain clips and clip it to my cart so they can grab and go!! Now I know why older women always carry their bags everywhere...even the salad bar!!! tee hee.. . Hope today is a good day for you!!

  2. ...and I thought having my house foreclosed on was the worst thing in the world....yours was truly scary. DRAG that husband of yours with you or do what I do. I have a wonderful cloth holder that I put in my bra. No purses for me anymore. Been there. Done that.
    Keep your head up and know you are loved!
    Linda, the Mousemaker, from Warmth and OFGTeam

  3. Deb that's awful!!! I hope you get everything straightened out. Know we are here for you, Valerie

  4. So sorry Deb. I always use the child 'seatbelt' on the carts and wrap it around the purse handles so someone cannot grab it. That keychain clip is a great idea too :)
    and I don't know how an account can get hacked, that has never happened to me. I don't link a lot of stuff to my blog, Facebook, website, etc. Just too cautious I guess
    Sure I will follow you again! I need to update a lot of my following lists anyway
    Keep your chin up!

  5. Deb I am so sorry ! I hope that you get things lined out soon and that life starts treating you a little more kindly. Hugs,Jen

  6. Hi Deb,
    So sorry that had to happen to you. It never seems right or fair and hopefully "Karma" will get whoever did that to you.
    I will be following here!
    Come over to my blog and sign up for a giveaway!
    It might be your lucky name I pull out of the hat!
    Have a better day,

  7. My best to you as you get this blog situated. Gosh, but it takes a while, doesn't it?! I'll spread the love on FB, too!!

  8. hang in there Deb, better days are coming. Hugs, Robin

  9. so sorry this all happened to you! Frightening and exasperating!!!!! Wishing you a much better rest of the year...Hugs and prayers....

  10. just found you on fave crafts. so sorry about all your bad luck. the on ly thing i can say is "karma" what goes around comes around, and it will. keep your chin up. im a new follower. hope that gives a tad bit of a smile. well wishes and prayers to you....