Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I think Someone is Telling me to Sloooow Down

It all started about a week and a half ago . I was putting up lights out front around my lattice . I was weaving them through the lattice , mind you brand new light sets and zzzzzttttt . I got electricuted . HOLY COW ! Not what I yelled , but close . Mind you Hubs was around back , getting ready to hang lights from our new arbor he built so my Wisteria would grow over top of the sidewalk to the privacy fence . Guess next time I should yell fire , as he never came to see what I yelled about . Hmmm  I promise ,  I do not yell outside Holy @%$# very often , but I actually had to walk around back to tell him .

Then a couple days later we were in the kitchen . I was on the ladder cleaning out my cabinets . Hubs wanted a spoon from the drawer . I will never know what possessed him into reaching through my legs and yanking that drawer open , but whala ! He caught my foot between the ladder and the drawer .  Ouch ! No Holy $%#@ words .

Then about 7 days ago , I was cooking supper . Making home made mac & cheese . Know where I am going with this yet ? Holy SHIT can't describe the horrifying pain that came as I was going to the sink to drain my noodles . Yes , the pan slipped and the boiling water burned my leg . I have never felt any pain as bad as this and all I could do was scream , rip those pants off and head for the tub . Hubs heard this one and came running . So did my son who was outside . You can tell just how bad it is when you look at their faces . It is healing , but still very painful .
So I think it is time to slow down and take breaks , as someone was talking to me . I now know the pain that so many people and children have felt by being burned . It is pure pain like no other . So please remember to giver to the shiners for the burn centers . I can't imagine being burned any worse than I was . But alot are . So please remember how fortunate we are and give a little when you can . (:


  1. Bless your heart. I hope everything gets better for you real soon.

  2. Slow down and smell the flowers before the heat get them! The good news you have three things happen and now you can move on!

  3. LOL , never thought of it that way Rose . But sure don't say those words What's N%$# . (:

  4. Time for a little staycation or vacation for you Rose! My goodness you were lucky...any of those things could have had a much worse ending.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Oh my gosh Deb! I hope things start to get better. You have really been through a lot! Praying your leg is fealing better, Valerie