Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Overdue Mohican getaway

We took off Wednesday and went to Mohican State Park . It was a rocky start , but we ended just my son and I Thursday night , then hubs came down Friday night .
 It is just beautiful there . Brings so much needed peace and quiet from everyday electronics , noise , and hustle and bustle of a daily life .
We had primitive area , so no electric , No TV , no computer , no nothing . What a great way to get some much needed privacy , one on one , and enjoy what nature has to offer . I didn't get many pics as my new camera drains batteries .
It just seems it makes you appreciate the beauty , trees that are giants , especially in the eyes of children , The Monarch butterflies were so abundant and actually would land on you . The sounds of the rivers hustle and bustle . The fish , crawdads , frogs , people , families , just enjoying each other .
At night , as it got dark the lightening bugs all through the forest , that look like little fairies flying around to see what the humans are doing .
Then as it got deeper into night the people were settling down and the forests , choir began . How amazing the sounds and just how loud . I couldn't believe the sound , and then we started trying to distinguish the different singers . LOL Tree frogs , frogs , crickets , katydids , owls , raccons chattering and sneaking in .
We roasted marshmellows . I like mine toasted , not burnt . OMG , what a creamy , sweet , sticky so awesome , that I can't believe I forgot how good . (:
Playing in the river , setting on the bank with my husband , just talking .  No phones ! The best part of it . !!!
All in all we enjoyed everything and , believe me , we will be doing more of it .


  1. Good for you Deb!! Sometimes silence is golden and I love your photos. Beautiful country!

  2. Thanks Barb . I think we all need a place to go , that gives us some inner peace . It was just beautiful .