Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where is Sisterhood of the Traveling Prim Swap Box ??

Did you receive the box  Olde*Crowe*Primitives ? 
I am asking as this has taken a long time to get around . This started in MAY . I have emails asking where it is as some who signed up , still have not recieved it yet . Also I would like to add that this was a prim swap . The items that you took were prim and you should replace with prim . PLEASE keep this going and , PLEASE keep me posted as to where it is . Posting the goods you received would have been nice , so all could see . ??


Me 2 U Primitives

Screaming Sardine


and myself .
Please keep the box going . This started in MAY .
Thanks so much .

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  1. Deb, I almost forgot about this. I have never received the box nor was I ever contacted by the one above me for my address. I'm curious also to what happened to it - I thought it would be so much fun. Maybe it can get circulating again.