Tuesday, September 20, 2011

50 % off wax items in my ebay store

Having a close out sale . Will be adding more today and tomarrow . 
I will still be selling my graphics and my OOAK creations . 
As I create a new item , I will post here and list on ebay .
 When I do so , you will know I am the designer . 
I see so many blogs that have gals who have designed and then it becomes a phenomanal item from those who see it , tweak it and claim it as their own . 
I will be adding Beeswax items , no wax items , as I create . I started this long ago , and so many are doing this now , and taking credit for all of the designs . 
So I am going to be comming up with designs that only I will have .
 If you see someone else with it , it will be that they made a mold from my items and claimed as their own .
 Yes , there are alot who do this , and then claim , they came out with it . 
I have been selling my candles , tarts and beeswax items now for 11 years . 
It kind of peeves me that people can not come up with their own creations & ideas . 
That is why , I am copyrighting all of my designs from here on out .
 Meaning , anything I make a mold of will be my handmade creation . 
I will make a mold from it and it will be copyrighted . 
The beeswax piece and the mold .
 So if you see anyone else selling it , you will know it is mine and please report it .
Thanks so much

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