Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall is in the air

Not so sure about that today . considering it is 94 degrees here , Whew !
Fairs , Festivals smells and cooler night temps .
Everywhere you go , there are Fall items for sale , and crafters set up with awesome goodies .
The end of September is Pumpkin Pickin Time for our family .
We have always gone to Badgers Great Pumpkin Patch . 9122 North Elyria Rd., West Salem .
Sounds kinda witchy with it being in West Salem . (:  When the children were all at home , we used to pick at least 50 pumpkins and have the neighborhood kids come and carve too . Then we all sat out our pumkins on display .
Children have since grown up , all but my youngest who will be 11 in October . But this year , I plan on doing the 50 pumpkins and setting them all out here . Hoping to have an awesome Halloween display .
So many Fall events in Ohio to check out .
A great resource to see what is going on in Ohio , or anywhere for that matter is :
 Link for other states here :
Many crafting ideas and decorating in the works here . How do you all decorate for Fall ? 
Share some ideas , pics and links to your blogs . 
Have a beautiful day .

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