Monday, September 19, 2011

I have made my decision on selling and am happy with it

I have decided I am going to get out of the selling of my crafts . The prices of supplies are getting outrageous , suppliers come and go , there will always be someone who will undercut your price , not caring if they make a profit . They just want to make a name .

I have been doing this for 11 years and I am ok with not selling anymore .
I can buy at anytime , or make for myself .
Between shows and their fees for setting up , ebay fees , anywhere you sell , you have to pay fees and it is to a point with the economy the way it is , people just can not afford things like they used to . Including me .

I will be listing all of my supplies on ebay . They will be at cost , I am not willing to take a huge loss just to clean out supplies . I will keep them before that happens . But I can tell ya , I got alot of great buys , and will give the same buy .

I will start listing Wednesday as buy it nows . Unless I have things I can lot together , then it will auction at a fair low start price .
My ebay store is here :
So if interested , I will have candle supplies , soap supplies , fabric , and much more .
I think it is time for me to set back and enjoy life , and buy from someone else for a change .
I will be closing everything down once most of it is sold .
Thanks so much .


  1. Deb, that is a huge decision to make. I'm sure you have given it a lot of thought and I understand how you feel. I am happy I stumbled onto eBay back in the day when it was fun and friendly and you could still make a buck or two. My crafting has decreased a lot. Times and economy have change so SO much and it's a shame. I hope you like your "retirement". Think of the fun you will have now creating things when you want to and not cos you have to. You will be able to enjoy the process. I'll be watching for your sales.

  2. It is actually a relief . I enjoyed it too , but now , so many are doing the same thing, or taking ideas , as we all know you can't copyright an idea .
    I can come up with something new and a day later , I will see it for sale somewhere else .
    I am looking forward to decorating here for fall and making my Christmas gifts in the time I would be selling . I can't make enough to keep working as hard as I do , only to have someone under cut my price . They have to be losing money .
    Well anyway , I have had a good time while I did it . Now I will be gardening , remodeling , and traveling to shows and more . Thanks Maureen . (-: