Thursday, September 8, 2011

Primitive Grubby 32 oz Jar Candle w/ Screen Topper Crow and Sheep Labels w Round Tag & Pin For Sale

I have been making candles now for 10 years .  
This is a 32 oz / 2 pound candle .
The wax is paraffin and does have additives for longer burn times . 
Trim the wick when you get it to 1/4 inch and keep it trimmed when burning . 
These have 2 scents , not combined , but layered . 
So when it gets half way down you will have the second scent . 
Like having 2 candles in one . 
These have been grubbed and labeled with a prim crow label . 
Then I added a screen topper like a Shoo Fly Cover and tied off with aged cording . 
I have attached a prim round tag with my store logo
 " The Crow Is In " .  My Trademark . 
As with any candle never leave unattended , never leave around children or pets , and never leave or go to bed and leave burning . 
Always , safety first .

Can be purchased in my ebay store here : 

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