Friday, September 30, 2011

Where is Sisterhood of the Traveling Prim Swap Box Olde*Crowe*Primitives Me 2 U Primitives Screaming Sardine Alisha oldecrow and myself .

May to October and some still have not recieved the box . Please who sent it last and to whom ?
I am asking as this has taken a long time to get around . This started in MAY . I have emails asking where it is as some who signed up , still have not recieved it yet . 


Me 2 U Primitives

Screaming Sardine


and myself .
Please keep the box going . This started in MAY .
Thanks so much .


  1. Hi There!
    I am anxiously waiting for the traveling box to arrive too!This is the longest swap I have ever participated in!LOL Come on girls, lets get this box moving along.
    Wanda (oldecrow)
    Olde Crwo Mercantile

  2. I am so sorry . I thought the gals that signed up would do the right thing . I would love to hear from all who did receive the box , and where it is last . Shame for shame girls !!!