Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just how safe is Google / Gmail / Blogger ?

As most of you know , my blog was deleted due to hacking , along with my email . I know I am not the only one this has happened to . Several of my friends blogs and email , were also hacked . Just recently my husbands was also hacked . We have had to change emails , passwords , rebuild blogs etc . I rebuilt , and added my selling pages and began to wonder , is it safe ? As you all know , you add buy now buttons from your paypal . If someone hacks your blog , they see all of your info , you have placed into it . I have really been debating , shutting down my blog , as I wonder , just how safe is it ? Should I be changing my passwords on a daily , weekly or monthly basis ?
How and why is it so easy for people to do this ? Is Google not a safe place ?
It is sad that these people who do this have the brains to do so . but instead of doing something good and productive with their brains , they choose to destroy others , and get a kick out of it .
I had a swap going , and giveaways going that were destroyed by this . The swap , I still know the box is still moving along its path . thank goodness . But my giveaway , was based on how many followers and posting on your blogs , for chances to win .
At this point , I have put a hold on this blog , especially after hearing others have had this same thing happening to them . So my question to you Google . How is this happening to so many ?