Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Crafters Nestled Nook What we are about

The Crafters Nestled Nook
We are a crafting community .
We are here to help all styles of crafting , find , what you are looking for , to learn , share tutorials , teach , share finished items and much more .
We have just opened and it is free to join .
It is a private forum , but all are approved .
So many want to learn , share , and help others to design , craft , and much more .
This is the place to do it .
It is not like a lot of the forums , it is just a sharing and learning center .
We do not have mandatory posting .
It is a convenience to help , whomever , needs it and to try to share new things that we might want to learn how to .
Stop by and sign up , again , it is free to join . Click on the logo above to take you to the forum .

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