Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !

Boy , I sure hope it brings peace , happiness , joy , good health , prosperity , luck , love , family closer , more friends , So many things I wish for all .
A new year , a new start .
I am determined to be peaceful most of all .
There has been so much drama in my life . This year , I need to focus on my health and well being .
I am online blogging today .
Wishing to all of my family and friends a great new year !
Today , I will be working on the house again . Making something , pork and kraut . If I had a silver dollar , I would cook it in my goodies for good luck .
Last day for my hubs to be home . Want to make the best of it .
I so love my husband ! Wish sometimes we could go back and start before we began to meet him so much sooner . I love you !
I will be donating to Salvation Army this week . Spreading what little I have with those who are less fortunate than me .
God trusts us to take care of each other .
May peace be with you and love yourself , and your family .
Have a beautiful new day !


  1. Deb I'm wishing you and everyone the same! Hope it's a fantastic year for us all. I too am looking forward to good fresh new things in my life this year and my crafting being at the top of the list. I've been away from it so long and just feels wonderful getting back to doing what I love most! I'm so excited and love your new forum! Looking forward to having fun, learning, and crafting with others there!
    Hugs Libs

  2. I am so revved up for the new year . I think this new board will help us all get creative and begin enjoying our crafting more .

  3. Wishing you a blessed new year, how has the week gone so far for you, visiting from Blog frog, thanks for connecting, you blog has a lovely feel!

    Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
    Art Blog