Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What are your favorite Crafting Blogs ?

If you had to narrow it down to 2 . What would be your favorites ? There are so many crafting blogs , and I know it is hard to only pick 2 , but I know we can add some awesome blogs here .
This site is new :
You click on the red button to get random tutorials , or you can search for them .


  1. Hmmm...Please don't shoot me for this but I don't go to crafts blogs too much because I don't have that essential "craft gene" and would end up with more glue in the carpet than on my art project.

  2. LOL . That is why you have a non-carpet room to craft in . I do alot of wax and learned the hard way . I have been crafting with wax for 11 years and no-one shared info back then . (-: