Sunday, January 29, 2012

What a weekend and Does anyone know ?

I have never been as scared as I was Friday . We were scheduled to have a gas meter update , meaning , they were adding a new contraption , so the meter readers , do not have to come inside anymore . Tell you how old my house is ??
It was not Columbia gas , who was installing these , but another company , they hired to do this . The first idiot , said he couldn't do it as he broke off a screw . He told me I had to call the drill team . WTH ! So I did . They said tomorrow between 10 and 12 . Yea , ok ! Friday , the second one shows up , goes downstairs and comes right back up and said , I can't touch this , the first idiot broke all of the screws off and I am calling Columbia gas , and they will call you back . A%%$^&# !!!@!!
No One called , so by then , I have a headache , and feel sick ! I call Columbia gas , and she said get out of the house , it can explode ! WTF !!!!!!!!!
They called an emergency crew in , and they fixed everything the idiots messed up . That guys meter was beeping like crazy , when he went in . All doors and windows had to be opened . I fell down from being dizzy , outside and got a few scrapes . Better than being blowed to kingdom come . !! AS^&^%$# !!!!!!!
I feel better today , but I will never let another person , other than Columbia gas in my home to fix anything . I hope the 2 idiots got fired as they never followed protocol !!! AS%^$#@ !!! Get the point here ?
Thank goodness , I was the only one home !

Now I would like to know if anyone knows , the maker of this owl . I asked way back , if she would selll her pattern , and can't remember who she is ??
Please if anyone knows who designed this , let me know .

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  1. What a horror story! I'm glad everything worked out. A beautiful owl, I have no idea whose pattern it is.