Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Crafters Nestled Nook What we are about

This board is not like the other boards . It is more for crafting , to help each other , when we need it , to show new ways , old way to do things .
So many tutorials , craft ideas , and we do have a daily shmooze . I will be adding a chat board soon .
We wanted this board to be aimed at crafting , more than what you can buy , or the pics of homes , .
There are plenty of boards that do that . We just wanted to get everyones mojo going , for crafting .
We love pictures of items you have made and tuts if you would like to share .
Sometimes with other categories involved some feel less than . I never want anyone to feel that way .
We love all styles and sure hope you post once in a while if you find a craft tut you try . Please show us how yours turned out .
Have a wonderful Sunday .

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