Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ebay Told me I am just a number and will be replaced

I called with a SELLER complaint , as I sell there . When I complained , they basically told me I am just a number and if I leave another number will replace me . As soon as I have my last 3 items shipped , this number is leaving ebay for good .
I had 2 different reps try to tell me my feedback score had nothing to do with my fee's .
I let them know , they might want to educate themselves and check out this link .
as they are both fulll of B.S.
We as sellers are basically at the mercy of a buyer . They have unfair practices for their F.B. system , and for us as sellers , no protection from people who buy and want to play games .
 I sold an item Jan 8th . Shipped and they received their item Jan 12 th .
3 weeks later , they want to complain , that the item had a bunch of broken pieces . The item is a botanical / dried goods .
When asked if they would be allowed , after 3 weeks till they contacted me to leave a neg F.B , they said yes , they have their right to their opinion .
Well , I will not refund a black mailer , nor do I believe that the item was damaged . Why would you wait 3 weeks to complain ???
Ebay , You are really hurting sellers and do not care , as proof in 2 conversations , I was told I am just a number . So , I will go elsewhere . Thanks , but no thanks for your crappy support !!!

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