Monday, April 16, 2012

It is a shame my last post on pattern theft

I have been spending a beautiful day inside doing alot of research . I want to start this by say , I respect all pattern designers , and know that it is hard work . I am not taking away from anyone as a designer .
This subject could go on and on , and could be interpreted in many ways . I strongly believe that buying a pattern , then reprinting repeatedly is wrong . Yes there are groups doing this .
I also see alot of patterns that come out looking alot like another designer . Meaning , It looks like they copied but tweaked it to be their own .
I also see alot of the MC Calls Butterick patterns and so on that look like people have copied from them and tweaked to make their own  .
I also see original designs and know they are legit .
So copying an idea , pattern and tweaking it is just about the same .
So who has the originals and who really designed ?
I will purchase from who I know is legit and make sure they are not copies .
Thanks so much for the enlightenment on this subject .


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  2. Please don't beat yourself up so badly on this; you make so many good points from the buyer's perspective. I'm a pattern buyer and a designer (albeit, a newbie), so I can understand both sides. It is very wrong of anyone to reprint either a paper or epattern to sell; just plain wrong, and I don't think anyone is arguing that point. However, printed patterns are legitimately out there by individuals looking to sell off their one copy, just like used books. Imagine a book publisher printing out a set amount to sell; then after they sell, they're out there in limited supply for everyone. That's the way it looks to a buyer looking for a specific pattern on places like Ebay (especially if they don't know who the designer is). As a pattern designer, get those patterns out there in these buyer markets so that they will see your product, recognize it, and buy from you. Price as competitive as you can, and perhaps that can drive out the fraud's ability to sell your patterns so easily. Drive out those sellers by BEING the competition, not BEATING up the buyers!