Monday, April 16, 2012

Pattern Designers Please read Questions on Pattern Theft

I understand how bad of a subject this is . I also want to know , a few things .
I know that there is a group who are reselling patterns , that they have reprinted , many times , on ebay . Now I am seeing something about digital patterns being stolen .
First off , I have bought directly from the designer , and have for years . I buy both types and do not resell my patterns . I have resold Mcalls and other brand names .
I asked about a seller on ebay , and was told , that she was selling patterns she purchased and that was ok . Now I see her in the spotlight for stealing . ?? She gives the name of the designer , and designs herself .
I am wondering if , what is being said , is , that you can not sell a pattern that you no longer use or want ??
As of now , I can honestly say that , I am close to not buying any . As a buyer we are getting put out there for buying a used pattern .It is understandable if the person selling has more than 1 copy of a pattern , but when they do not , I assume it is one they purchased and no longer use or want . But from what I am reading is , that it is not ok , to buy used patterns ??
I have stood behind the gals who have been stolen from . I actually found out the hard way about ATP and put them out there for it in my feedback . Mind you I have received nasty emails from people that do not like the fact that I gave them negative Feedback .
So at this point after being told the gal , I buy used patterns from is also being put out here as a thief , I believe , I will just mail the pattern to the appropriate designer , and not buy patterns again .
I have been honest about this and been emailing one of the gals who is a designer , to know what is what . So please girls , maybe get together and post some rules of what is ok ?
I will contact the gals for the last 4 patterns and send them to the owner . I did not know you couldn't buy a used pattern




  1. Hi, Deb ~ that's the first I've heard that we can't buy used patterns?? I've bought some from blogs, ebay, etsy and I can't figure out what's wrong with it. Patterns are getting pricey, I've paid $20.00 for some cross stitch patterns so why is it wrong to resell them? I just can't keep up anymore with what is expected. thanks for bringing this up.

  2. I am really unclear on all of this now .
    It is sad what started out as a group reprinting patterns , to now , email patterns and used patterns .
    I can honestly say that I am not buying patterns anymore . It is just not safe as , I no longer know who to buy from . Some gals I would never see their patterns unless I see it being sold as a used pattern . I do look for them . A recent one was
    ,I also purchased this from the owner, after I purchased on ebay ,
    Apr 5, 2012 Payment To Marcia Proper Completed ... -$10.95 USD

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    $10.95 USD

    This was not listed in her website . I emailed her to see if I could buy it from her .
    So as you can see it isn't always the buyers fault , and it is a shame that it has come to the point of searching down patterns to buy and not being able to find it , so we buy a used one .
    I have stood behind all of the pattern designers , and then get called a thief . I have purchased many patterns over the last 8 years , directly from the designers and do not even sell the finished item . They are for my personal use .
    So as you see , I do not think I am the only one confused , or now afraid to buy .

  3. amen! there are some well respected blogs out there that have what is called a "destash" sale, selling used patterns. Like I said they are getting pricey, you use them once, then what do you do with them? One designer suggested goodwill, too expensive for me to do that everytime I buy a pattern. I have thousands of dollars invested in patterns but now I will be very selective as to who I buy from, designers, etc. I don't like being called a thief either.

  4. I am totally confused about this. I have bought patterns from Ebay as well as designers, I don't sell the finished product any more (and hardly ever did) and besides that a lot of my patterns are from designers that don't do it any more. Then what??