Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pssst , Hey You , Yes , I mean you

Whats up ? Hey , I am talking to you ! You ignoring me ? 
Whatcha lookin at ? Huh ? 
You are still not listening to me . 
If you keep it up your neck will stay that way . 
Kinda like momma taught us , if we cross our eyes they will stick that way . 
What you see ? Huh ? Huh ? Quit ignoring me !
 I know ,  momma tied your ear to the ground so 
you couldn't move . ! Ha Ha ! Cause you annoy ! 
I 'm gettin annoyed with you ! 
Look at me ! grrrr I hope your head is stuck !
Every picture tells a story , or reminds us of something .
Childhood was a laugh .
Hope you got a giggle today .

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  1. Oh it made me giggle and I sometimes wish blog posts had a LIKE button LOL..X