Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lazy Day Wednesday Magazine will be released Nov . 1 st

Actually , it is never a lazy day here . LOL , Not even when I am under the weather .
I have changed the look and love Cari Lopez's work .
Check it out here :
She also designs fabric . I just know you will love her goodies !
I am working on the magazine today and a few new tutorials to add to it .
You have to get the magazine to get these tutorials , so November 1st , we will have our first issue out .
I will post the links here to view it .
 It is a free online Mag , for crafting of all styles .
Hope you will enjoy .
We will have freebies , great shops , online and brick and mortar , and surprises .
Now for the pic above , I found it on the internet , I do not own , just a sampling of things I love . Need to get out to the cabin for a relaxing weekend . (-:

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  1. That cabin looks so cozy! Hope you're feeling better now. Looking forward to the new magazine!