Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !

Boy , I sure hope it brings peace , happiness , joy , good health , prosperity , luck , love , family closer , more friends , So many things I wish for all .
A new year , a new start .
I am determined to be peaceful most of all .
There has been so much drama in my life . This year , I need to focus on my health and well being .
I am online blogging today .
Wishing to all of my family and friends a great new year !
Today , I will be working on the house again . Making something , pork and kraut . If I had a silver dollar , I would cook it in my goodies for good luck .
Last day for my hubs to be home . Want to make the best of it .
I so love my husband ! Wish sometimes we could go back and start before we began to meet him so much sooner . I love you !
I will be donating to Salvation Army this week . Spreading what little I have with those who are less fortunate than me .
God trusts us to take care of each other .
May peace be with you and love yourself , and your family .
Have a beautiful new day !