Friday, February 3, 2012

My Items for sale are being added to my blog , and I have opened up a shop at

I have found a free auction site that runs hand in hand with ebay . The difference is , it is free and you are allowed digital delivery . I will be working on it today also .,user_id,shop
Free says it is worth a try and the reviews I posted yesterday , are good for this site ,

Thursday, February 2, 2012

After being tired of ebay , I researched other auction sites , Here are the reviews
Web Store runs hand in hand with ebay as an auction site . Check out the reviews by clicking the link above . . is free and ,

There are no fees, whether you're a buyer, occasional seller or online storeowner.
Because advertisers pay for the site, you have to deal with a few ads.
The Verdict
If you like free and don't mind a few ads, this is a great place to buy and sell online.

Ebay Told me I am just a number and will be replaced

I called with a SELLER complaint , as I sell there . When I complained , they basically told me I am just a number and if I leave another number will replace me . As soon as I have my last 3 items shipped , this number is leaving ebay for good .
I had 2 different reps try to tell me my feedback score had nothing to do with my fee's .
I let them know , they might want to educate themselves and check out this link .
as they are both fulll of B.S.
We as sellers are basically at the mercy of a buyer . They have unfair practices for their F.B. system , and for us as sellers , no protection from people who buy and want to play games .
 I sold an item Jan 8th . Shipped and they received their item Jan 12 th .
3 weeks later , they want to complain , that the item had a bunch of broken pieces . The item is a botanical / dried goods .
When asked if they would be allowed , after 3 weeks till they contacted me to leave a neg F.B , they said yes , they have their right to their opinion .
Well , I will not refund a black mailer , nor do I believe that the item was damaged . Why would you wait 3 weeks to complain ???
Ebay , You are really hurting sellers and do not care , as proof in 2 conversations , I was told I am just a number . So , I will go elsewhere . Thanks , but no thanks for your crappy support !!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Would you like to learn how to use Paint Shop Pro ?

I have been at the Scrapbook Campus now for about 3 months and it is awesome . It is run by a good friend of mine , Creation Cassel . You will learn so much . There are things I am still learning , and there is always something new to learn . If you would like to sign up , here is the link for me as a referrer .
Just put my name in the box as the person you referred you to the site .
It is a great place to learn .
Debbie Turner

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ebay Template Giveaway ! You choose

I am holding a giveaway , for an ebay template of your choice . Starts today and will end next Sunday , the 5th .
Here are some samples logo's from the templates to choose from .

My ebay templates are here :
All you have to do is follow and post a comment . (-:

What a weekend and Does anyone know ?

I have never been as scared as I was Friday . We were scheduled to have a gas meter update , meaning , they were adding a new contraption , so the meter readers , do not have to come inside anymore . Tell you how old my house is ??
It was not Columbia gas , who was installing these , but another company , they hired to do this . The first idiot , said he couldn't do it as he broke off a screw . He told me I had to call the drill team . WTH ! So I did . They said tomorrow between 10 and 12 . Yea , ok ! Friday , the second one shows up , goes downstairs and comes right back up and said , I can't touch this , the first idiot broke all of the screws off and I am calling Columbia gas , and they will call you back . A%%$^&# !!!@!!
No One called , so by then , I have a headache , and feel sick ! I call Columbia gas , and she said get out of the house , it can explode ! WTF !!!!!!!!!
They called an emergency crew in , and they fixed everything the idiots messed up . That guys meter was beeping like crazy , when he went in . All doors and windows had to be opened . I fell down from being dizzy , outside and got a few scrapes . Better than being blowed to kingdom come . !! AS^&^%$# !!!!!!!
I feel better today , but I will never let another person , other than Columbia gas in my home to fix anything . I hope the 2 idiots got fired as they never followed protocol !!! AS%^$#@ !!! Get the point here ?
Thank goodness , I was the only one home !

Now I would like to know if anyone knows , the maker of this owl . I asked way back , if she would selll her pattern , and can't remember who she is ??
Please if anyone knows who designed this , let me know .