Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Such a wonderful surprise came today

I have done graphic work for a gal , who sells under the name CharmedConfections on etsy and ebay . 
She will also be selling on pfattmarketplace.com on June 10th. 
She came to me needing some changes and wanted to pay me . I told her no , and she said she would send me a surprise in the mail . 
It came today and wow , is all I can say ! 
Thanks so much ! I love surprises and this is amazing . 
She sent me a cute little butterfly card , a tin full of ginger cupcake ornaments and a starbucks gift certificate . 
The handmade ornaments are amazing . Thank goodness , I got to it first , I think hubs wanted to take a bite . They smell awesome . I can't wait to see what she has available on pfatt market place .