Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paint Shop Pro Scripts Glass buttons

I have been learning PSP for about 8 years now , not full time , but always learning . I do not know enough to script yet , so I go to 2 people for my scripts . One is and the other is . I can go to either of the gals and ask for help or scripts and it is just a short before they come up with it . Both are very talented . The script I asked for today is from . I was making the glass buttons , and wanted a shortcut and a better quality . I contacted Joanne , and she got er done . Here is an example of my finished button :
She is so awesome ! I bought a commercial use license from her and it was well worth the money . Her scripts are very lifelike , and to put it straight , she is the best ! She will be offering this script and make sure you have a commercial use license for using her products .