Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My first Pumpkin with Libby's Tut / Rusty Shed Prims

Her tut is awesome , so please do not judge it on how mine turned out .
It is upholstery fabric and really hard to work with .
I can say do not exceed the 14 inches Libby used , It did not work as trying to put a darning needle through upholstery fabric is not easy , then you better have a long needle , the hardest part for me was getting through the stuffing . I think it best to stick with some sort of cotton fabric . I guess I will have to find another use for the upholstery fabric . Next one will be cotton .
You can find Libby's tut here :
It is on the right hand side in her share box . Give her some sugar while over there .

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Been Outdoors decorating , painting , and cutting an old ladder

I have been trying to get some home decor Fall crafting in . Plus I cut up 2 old ladders to use indoors .
Not finished but showing my progress . Do we call moss , Patina ? LOL
All needs more done , but waiting to finish some tomorrow . The ladders will be hung from the ceiling and have bittersweet and lights , maybe some other goodies too .