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New Online Magazine We need you ! Crafter's of all styles

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I'm listing this information here as a general guideline for anyone wishing to submit anything for the new Magazine/Ezine. Please read through it's entirety to see if there is something you would like to submit. Even if you don't have a blo
g or website you can still help and submit articles and photos. And please note, when submitting articles, tuts, recipes and such, do them using the standard WordPad on any Windows computer system. You can insert text and pics in WordPad and everyone (except for mac users) has this program. Any mac users needing help please contact us.

We're in need of:
1- Crafting and Food Recipes - Any crafting related recipe you'd like to submit for the mag/ezine. Plus related photos if available. These must be your own or you have rights to them (ex: they belonged to your grandmother).

If submitting crafting or food recipes, use the WordPad inserting your photos (if any) with step-by-step instructions. Remember to list all supplies/ingredients needed.

2- Crafting Tips n Techniques - Share any of your tips/techniques you've discovered while crafting, including shortcuts to make things easier. We all love things more simple and learning more techniques!

If submitting crafting tips n techniques, again, you may do so using the WordPad. Please include any photos you may have with your tips/techniques as visuals are easier for all of us.

3- Member's Creations - Photos of your handmade creations for the mag/ezine. This can also be older photos of your creations, it doesn't have to be something new. Please share your photos, we all LOVE to see!

If submitting photos for Member's Creations please include your name, e-mail, and website, blog, or shop (like Etsy/eBay) link(s) if you have them.

4- Featured Crafter - Simply let us know if you'd like to be a featured crafter in the mag/ezine.

If accepting to be a featured crafter let us know and we'll send the questionnaire. These are simply, everyday questions and nothing intimidating. You don't have to own a shop or blog to be a featured crafter, anyone crafting can do this and we may have several per issue.

5- Article Writers: You may wish to write an article on any of the following subjects, or if you have something else that may be of interest, please contact us.
A Crafter's Life - Write an article for the mag/ezine telling of your everyday life as a crafter, how you juggle work & family life, or organize work, home, family and everyday schedules (especially with children). Basically, anything you'd like to write/share with the rest of us.
Crafting Shows - If you work any of the crafting shows or otherwise have a booth of some type, share with us what you've learned and what works best for you. Also give tips/advice for anyone wishing to start working shows for their crafts.
Brick n Mortar Store - Write about your BnM store, what you've learned while running it, or anything you want to share with us.
Seasonal Articles - Write about anything Fall/Winter related, share your thoughts n views, write about the crafter's "busy seasons," and even share a favorite poem or story. (Please keep copyright in mind and only share your own poems or stories.) Write whatever you'd like pertaining to being a crafter during these seasons.

If submitting an article we'll need that sent to us in a plain file such as the WordPad (or NotePad if not including photos). If you're submitting photos with your article then please express they go with your article.

6- Free Pattern/Tutorial - Submit your own copyright pattern or tutorial. This also includes graphic items like sheet hang tags or labels. These must be your original work due to copyright infringements and other legal issues.

If submitting a freebie pattern, tutorial, or graphic, please submit with step-by-step instructions with photos to the pattern/tutorial. It's easier to do these in the standard WordPad then send via e-mail. Please include your Terms of Use and Copyright information. (We will also state in the Mag/Ezine that all content, graphics, photos, tutorials, and patterns are copyright protected by the United States Copyright Office.)

7- Make-Over, Re-Do, & Reproduction - Submit a reproduction, re-do, or make-over you've done.

If submitting a make-over, re-do, or reproduction, submit the same as for the patterns/tutorials.

When submitting anything to us for the Mag/Ezine, please remember we need your first name, e-mail, and/or website, blog, Etsy, eBay, or other site link. Here's what you'll get in return for your submission(s):

Tut/pattern/reproduction - Full page ad
Crafting recipe or article - 1/4 page ad
Display pics (member's creations) or re-do/make-over - 1/4 page ad
Food/crafting recipe or crafting tips/techniques - Avatar ad (150 x 150)

And, if you're not submitting anything but desire to advertise with us, here are the rates:

Full page ad - $30
Half page ad - $20
Quarter page ad - $15
Eighth page ad - $7
Avatar ad - $3

All crafters, regardless of your crafting style, can submit something and join in the fun. Remember, this new mag/ezine is aimed at all crafters, helping us to come together, learn, explore, share, and have fun crafting. So regardless of your crafting style, please feel free to be a part of this! We will be putting the first issue out on November 1st. Please send your article, pattern, tutorial, tips, recipes, photos, or whatever as soon as possible to allow us ample time to get it in the mag/ezine. If you have any questions please contact us.

The Crafter's Nestled Nook forum will be opening a new, free, online magazine in November! Our aim is to help and connect with ALL crafters to share tutorials, make-overs, how-to's, recipes, homemade reproductions for less than half of the
original's cost, and soooo much more.

We will share tips on home decor, photo's of our proudly handmade creations, holiday food recipes, tips n tricks, how-to's, crafting recipes, crafting show pics, festivals....just too much fun to mention.

But, we can not do this alone and without the help of our fellow-crafters. We are in need of:

crafting tutorials
crafting patterns
crafting recipes
make overs
reproductions how-to's
photos of your handmade crafts, displays/gatherings, craft show and/or festival booths

Any crafting related item(s) to share in the magazine, nothing is too small or insignificant! We are also in need of writers for the following mag topics (and yes we will help you with this):

holiday recipes
home decor
tips-tricks & how-to's
business section

Plus, each quarter we'll select 2 members to be featured, which will be promoting your site and/or blog. In return for submitting a tutorial, pattern, recipe, tips, make over, photos, or reproduction, and writing an article for one of the topics, these members will also get free advertising in the magazine for your sites and/or blog. Here's what you'll get....

a tutorial/pattern or reproduction how-to: full page ad
an article or non food recipe: 1/4 page ad
display pics or re-do: 1/4 page ad
food recipe or tips/techniques: an avatar ad (150 x 150)

For any member desiring to submit any of the above mentioned tutorials, photos, or to write an article, please contact Debbie (forum owner/admin) or Libby. We'll help you and tell you what/how to do it. We are looking to make this forum and magazine a MUST for all crafters, a one stop spot for any and all crafting related needs. So let's all pull together, support each other, and make our crafting world much better for us all. We thank you all in advance for your help and support!

Read more:

Re: Content Submitted to The Crafter's Nestled Nook Magazine

"Submit a pattern/article:" (from website)
Free advertising for anyone who would like to contribute in any of the areas below. They can not be a copy of someone else goods, you must own what you submit, due to copyrights. Contact us and we can discuss what you might like to offer.

A tutorial/pattern or reproduction how-to: full page

An article or non food recipe: 1/4 page ad
Display pics or re-do: 1/4 page ad
Food recipe or tips/techniques: avatar ad (150 x 150)

Thank you for contacting The Crafter's Nestled Nook Magazine concerning the free advertising. We appreciate your submission(s) and need information for you ad. Referring to the website information above and what you're submitting, we'll need:

Full page ad: Your logo, shop intro, 2-3 pics of your goods, links to your website, blog, and/or store

Half page ad: Your logo, shop intro, 1-2 pics of your goods, links to your website, blog, and/or store

All others: Just a logo

We also need your permission to place your article, tutorial, pattern, reproduction how-to, non food recipe, food recipe, display photos, re-do, and/or tips and techniques in the magazine. By replying to this e-mail you are giving us your permission/consent for us to do so. You are also stating that you own or have rights to any/all content you're submitting to us.

Simply reply to this e-mail stating your full name, business/shop name, that you accept/agree and give us permission to use all the content you submit to us for use "only" in The Crafter's Nestled Nook Magazine.

We thank you for your submission(s) and hope you'll join us in each and every future issue!
The Crafter's Nestled Nook Magazine

Free Advertising for :
a tutorial/pattern or reproduction how-to: full page ad
an article or non food recipe: 1/4 page ad
display pics or re-do: 1/4 page ad
food recipe or tips/techniques: an avatar ad (150 x 150)