Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Todays post is about TIME .

So many times , we sit back and second guess our actions , behavior , things we could have done better , things we know we did wrong .
Life is short , sometimes we just have to accept that NO ONE is perfect .
 We all have had days where we explode , show our bad side . It does not mean that we are bad , or
hurtful .
It means we are HUMAN .
I removed myself from facebook , as it brought out a bad side to me .
So many people want to be mean and nasty .
That is not who I am , and do not want provked , by people I do not even know .
 I have enough to deal with , with my family and life .
I have wasted too much time defending myself .
Everywhere . Not just facebook .
 I have seen people get ripped apart there for supposedly stealing ideas .
 Hate to tell ya , an idea , is just that . You can not copyright an idea or craft .
Then you have pinterest , which , I love !
But then again , you see it , then want to make it , then shame on you for seeing a tut , then making your own and tweaking it .
Seriously ?
The owner of the original Raggedy Ann & Andy could really pitch a fit ! How many times has that been copied and tweaked , Or Pottery Barn Knock Offs ? Isn't that the same ?
I think everyone needs a reality check . Including me (-: .
So todays post is just that . Too much time spent on social networks , when I have a family , friends , crafting to do , new things to learn , new people to meet , grandchildren to play with , and so much more .
I wish for everyone peace within , peace in Life , Family and what you do . Have a beautiful day !


  1. Very well said! I removed myself from FB a year ago and haven't missed it at all. Separation from these time suckers really does free your spirit and allow for your own inner creativity and well being to shine.


  2. Well said, and good on for being brave enough to.

  3. I do not miss it either . It is nice if people can promote their business , but that is not all it is . They really do not have privacy as they claim either . 2 times someone got on my page who were not friends . Both men and nasty .
    We prach to our children to safely be on the web , but FB is NOT
    safe . It is one of the worst places anyone can be on . I can say it does help catch criminals , and that it is monitered by police and government .
    So much more in life to do than FB . (-: