Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spent the weekend at New London Resevoir Bald Eagle Pics

We enjoyed our weekend so much . One of the nicest campgrounds , with cabins . Reasonable rates and friendly people . Rented paddle boats , pontoon and fished .Our cabin was right at the edge of the rsevoir in the woods . Much needed get awway . I was with my son , fishing and I saw the bald eagle fly over . I watched to see where he went . Of course I didn't have my camera with me . I ran all the way back to get it and back to try to capture this awesome bird . Thank you for letting me photograph you , you majestic bird !


  1. Looks like a really beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors and nature. You were so lucky the bald eagle was still there when you returned with your camera! Great photos! :)

  2. Thanks NeeNee . I was shaking so bad . lol Have to tell ya , we really needed the weekend . I so enjoyed it . Away from all of the crap and stress . Your menopausal blog is awesome . I laugh when I read it , as so much is like here . I jus wish men could go through it for 1 week . Maybe then they would understand .