Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Todays post is about TIME .

So many times , we sit back and second guess our actions , behavior , things we could have done better , things we know we did wrong .
Life is short , sometimes we just have to accept that NO ONE is perfect .
 We all have had days where we explode , show our bad side . It does not mean that we are bad , or
hurtful .
It means we are HUMAN .
I removed myself from facebook , as it brought out a bad side to me .
So many people want to be mean and nasty .
That is not who I am , and do not want provked , by people I do not even know .
 I have enough to deal with , with my family and life .
I have wasted too much time defending myself .
Everywhere . Not just facebook .
 I have seen people get ripped apart there for supposedly stealing ideas .
 Hate to tell ya , an idea , is just that . You can not copyright an idea or craft .
Then you have pinterest , which , I love !
But then again , you see it , then want to make it , then shame on you for seeing a tut , then making your own and tweaking it .
Seriously ?
The owner of the original Raggedy Ann & Andy could really pitch a fit ! How many times has that been copied and tweaked , Or Pottery Barn Knock Offs ? Isn't that the same ?
I think everyone needs a reality check . Including me (-: .
So todays post is just that . Too much time spent on social networks , when I have a family , friends , crafting to do , new things to learn , new people to meet , grandchildren to play with , and so much more .
I wish for everyone peace within , peace in Life , Family and what you do . Have a beautiful day !